British window cleaner Mark Brennan Found Dead: Mark Brennan Wiki, Bio, Age, Missing, Cause of Death and More Facts

British window cleaner Mark Brennan Short Biography

British Window Cleaner Mark Brennan, 42, from South Shields, had been reported missing nearly two months ago, before his 30ft Avrio sailing boat was seen drifting 71 miles off the Caribbean island on Monday.

British window cleaner Mark Brennan Death

A British window cleaner’s naked dead body has been found on a yacht off Jamaica after the ‘inexperienced’ sailor set off for a solo adventure around the world.

Coastguards found a decomposing body in the hull and towed it into the Errol Flynn Marina in Port Antonio, where police confirmed it was Mr Brennan and started an investigation.

Mr Brennan left the UK on December 6 for the ‘trip of a lifetime’, according to local police, before sailing across the Atlantic to Barbados and then heading 162 miles to Grenada.

He was reported missing 10 days later, when he was struggling for fuel and without a radio, phone or dinghy, according to The Sun.

Mr Brennan’s mother, Marjorie, 69, said: ‘He’s been found and that’s very upsetting. We’re waiting for the results of an autopsy.’

The solo adventurer had travelled 1,120 miles since its final sighting, and the Jamaican coastguard was alerted to the presence of a British-flagged vessel by colleagues in the US.

‘The coast guard contacted us about the vessel and after members of our force entered the boat we found a lifeless male body in there,’ a defence force official said.

‘We transported the body on to land and the matter is now being investigated by the local police. A post mortem will be carried to establish the cause of death.’

Jamaican police will now determine whether any foul play was involved.