Joshua Hunsucker accused of murd*r by poisoning wife with eye drops in 2018: Joshua Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth and Facts Need to Know

Joshua Hunsucker Short Biography

Joshua Hunsucker, a paramedic, was charged with her murd*r Friday after being accused by a prosecutor of poisoning her with Visine. A blood test “detected very high levels of tetrahydrozoline which is one of the active ingredients in certain eye drops,” prosecutor Jordan Green said in court, according to Fox 46 Charlotte.

Joshua Hunsucker Accused and Arrested

A North Carolina man who collected $250,000 in insurance money upon his wife’s 2018 death has been accused of fatally poisoning her with eye drops.

Stacy Hunsucker’s death had been ruled a heart attack. She was 32 and the mother of two young children, now 5 and 6, when she died.

The station also quoted Green as telling the judge, “We believe, through the interrogation of the defendant that occurred yesterday, that he was the one that poisoned Hunsucker with Visine or a similar product.”

Hunsucker was ordered held on a $1.5 million bond.

High levels of tetrahydrozoline in the body can cause heart stoppages, WBTV reported.