Ruby Wong is now making THOUSANDS a week as a model after being spotted posing in a bikini on Instagram

Ruby Wong Short Biography

Ruby Wong is 24 Years old currently, who grew up in Fazakerley near Liverpool, was forced to work in a burger van, restaurant and hotel just to pay her bills.

But after a swimwear shoot at Southport Beach in Merseyside, which Ruby did as a  favour to her friend, she was approached by Nemesis modelling agency and began making ‘thousands’ every week, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Ruby Wong New Instagram Model

A former burger van worker who worked three jobs to stay afloat, is now making thousands a week after being spotted posing in a bikini on Instagram.

Now, the model has landed contracts with online giant Boohoo as well as sports retailer JD sport and her new found career has seen Ruby travel to London, Miami and Dubai to take part in shoots.

While Ruby had always been interested in fashion and was constantly being told she could model, she was too nervous to try and break into the industry, and so carried on with her studies at Liverpool John Moores university.

Then, a friend who had just launched a swimsuit business as part of a university project asked if she’d pose in them as a favour on Southport Beach.

After the shoot, Ruby posted some of the pictures on Instagram – the first time she’d ever shared pictures showing off her body.

Ruby was then approached by the modelling agency Nemesis, but initially she didn’t ‘think anything was going to come from it.’

However, she’s continued to get bookings, and Ruby has been able to treat herself to some new shoes and luxury holidays, as well as splashing out for her parents to go away to New York.

She said: ‘People have been really supportive. People who haven’t even talked to me in years, like people from school see me on JD and Boohoo and take a picture or send me pictures of the outfits I’ve modelled in.’

Ruby told how her Liverpool roots often come as a shock to those who meet her, and insisted there should be ‘more models’ from that area.

It isn’t just British brands that Ruby has seen success with, and told of working for an e-commerce company in Dubai as well as signing with a Miami agency.

Speaking of her success, she said: ‘I’d recommend anyone to do it, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

‘I thought I’d be more nervous about travelling alone and doing this but I’m quite confident to be honest. Modelling has just slotted into my life’, she said.

In future, Ruby hopes to break into TV presenting or acting, however is currently enjoying her modelling career.