Tania Morris fails to find a donor for the stem cell transplant: Tania Morris Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth and Facts Need to Know

Tania Morris Biography

Tania Morris, She is 49 Years Old, from Staffordshire, fears this Christmas could be her last after she was struck down with Hodgkin Lymphoma and has been unable to find a donor due to her rare tissue type.

She was diagnosed with the condition in December 2018, shortly after burying her son Nathan Bates, who was killed while he slept, in October.

Tania Morris Fails to Find Donor

A cancer-stricken mother who urgently needs a stem cell transplant to survive has been told the only match in the world was her 19-year-old son who was horrifically bludgeoned to death by her jilted ex-partner.

Tania and her loved-ones are now desperately urging people to join the Anthony Nolan register in the hope they can get their very own Christmas miracle.

It comes after tests showed Tania’s mother Viv, aged 69, and father Robert, aged 70, are not suitable as they are too old and one has a pacemaker.

And her brother Darren Morris, aged 48, was not a match either.

Meanwhile, her younger brother Adam Morris, who could have fitted the bill, died of a heart attack at the age of 41 four years ago.

Speaking to the Stoke Sentinel Tania said: ‘It’s heartbreaking. The doctors just keep saying we need a fit-and-healthy 19-year-old and that breaks my heart as that’s how old Nathan was when he was murdered.

‘My younger brother could have been a match but he died of a heart attack. My other brother Darren was devastated when he was tested and wasn’t a match. He wanted so much to help me.

‘Dad’s only a half match. He’s too poorly himself to go ahead but if and when it becomes life or death he could be a last resort. They’re worried it would kill both me and him.

‘It would really be desperate measures if it comes to that. It would be my last option because it could kill me.’